Connexions Dental Hygiene for YOU!

Dental Hygiene Care


Back to Basics Dental Hygiene: individual client care, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment based on YOU, time to care



Dental Hygienist delivering thorough NO CHARGE new patient exams, educating YOU on your individual needs and collaborating with dental providers.

Radiographs (X-rays)


Dental Radiographs to aide in YOUR periodontal diagnosis; cavity detection and potential abnormal lesions. Radiographs will be shared with other providers

Preventative Dental Hygiene


Treatment plans created for YOU based on your level of oral health. Working hard to maintain your dental implants.

ART (Atraumatic Restorative Therapy)


Offering a unique opportunity to treat caries at various levels. Prevention is key! Silver Diamine Fluoride treatments, Sealants and filling options to keep YOU healthy.

Teeth Whitening Options


We will be offering FREE touch up whitening with each checkup visit. We will honour the whitening for life programs with a FREE tube of whitening gel. In-office and take home whitening will be provided for a fee.